When to Call a Plumber – Signs of a Ruptured Water Line

Plumbing Services in MurrayThe water line is what brings fresh water to your home. Coming home to a broken water line can leave you feeling confused, stressed and in a state of panic. If it ruptures, you could lose running and you may have to incur hefty costs due to the water that will go to waste.

Although a broken water line is not a usual occurrence, every homeowner will at one point deal with it. Before the water line fully ruptures, it shows some signs. If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to call plumbing contractors in Murray as soon as possible. These signs include:

Streams of water in your yard

If you notice large puddles of water that you cannot explain, this may be an indication of a broken underground pipe. Water leaks may be sometimes caused by sprinkler systems and heavy rain. It’s always imperative to call in an experienced plumber if you are not sure of the source of the paddles of the water.

Rumbling noise

A hissing or rumbling noise at the point where the pipes enter the house is also another sign you need to look out for. The hissing may indicate that water is exiting the pipe either in between the house or at a point near the city’s main water source. The only time you should hear the noise is when water is being used in the house.

Loss of water pressure

If your water pressure is decreasing by the day, you need to have a plumber look into this to make sure that there are no broken pipes leaking out water.

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High water bills

Never assume a small leak as it contributes to your monthly water bill. If you notice that your bills have suddenly shot up, it’s time to have your water line inspected for leaks.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call in a professional plumbing repair company. The company will look at the pipes, the material used and the system’s repair history.