When Age Does Matter: Staging Historic Homes

Red Brick HouseFor some homebuyers, age matters. The older the house, the more history it has, the better. It can be particularly challenging though to appeal to this segment because these people are not the typical kind of homebuyers who just want open floor layouts and cozy bedrooms.

These homebuyers are looking for properties that have a certain kind of character that exudes old-fashioned elegance. To better appeal to this market, take inspiration from these tips when staging historic homes.

Fill the House with Art Pieces

Your homebuyers are people of good taste – and art. That’s why you should appeal to such preferences. Hang pieces of art on the walls. Keep in mind the basic rules of hanging art: (1) it should be at an average eye level, (2) the size or number of the art placed should be proportionate to the wall it’s trying to fill, (3) stick to a particular color palette when grouping art pieces.

While it can be expensive to bring in art pieces that have old-fashioned value, you might find affordable options online. You don’t have to be boxed in the typical framed pieces as well. You can repurpose old photographs or vinyl records and hang them as art.

Put on the Stains

Stained glasses are one of the hallmarks of old houses. It just instantly gives that Renaissance, vintage vibe. While of course, the easiest way to add this is in your windows, you can also recreate that in other decors, such as wall decor and vases.

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For instance, you may consider getting geometric-shaped wallpapers. Or, you can have barovier glass vases you can get from providers such as Authentic Provence that have or resemble stained patterns as centerpieces in coffee tables.

Highlight the House’s Architecture

You might be tempted to go extravagant on decor to impress your buyers, but it’s better to go simple on embellishments to emphasize the architecture of the house. Remember, you’re selling the intrinsic character of the house.

Your walls should be subtle in color: gray and light blues are good options. This way, you can emphasize the upper interior with coffered ceilings, grids that have solid beams. This will instantly make homebuyers think of ancient Greek or Roman architecture.

Historic homes already have that character and style to boast. But with a little bit of staging magic here and there, you’ll be able to sell this house fast.