What to Do to a Noisy Garage Door

a red garage doorNothing compares to the irritation a noisy garage door brings. The loud noise notifies anyone around your home that you’re about to leave or you’ve already returned. There are many reasons that cause a noisy garage door, such as incorrect installation, minimal lubrication, and faulty parts. But what should you do to remedy a noisy garage door?

Specialists on garage door installation in Pittsburgh share the following tips:

Check the Opener

Most of the time, you’ll find that the opener is the cause of the unnecessary noise. An opener with a failed motor can make the opening process of a garage door very noisy. If it’s indeed the failed motor, getting a new opener is the only solution to the problem.

Tighten Loose Screws​

A garage door contains a lot of hardware that coordinate to ease the opening and closing process. When the bolts and screws are loose, they could affect the operation of the door and cause the noise. Tightening any loose screw or nuts should eliminate the problem of noise.

Inspect the Rollers​

The rollers are the parts that enable the garage door to move. Disconnect the rollers and try moving them by hand to check if they are loose or broken. If they are causing the problem, call a garage door professional to replace these parts. Opt for nylon rollers, as they have a quieter process of garage door operation, unlike the common metal rollers.

Don’t let a noisy garage door disrupt and irritate your family and neighbors. If, in case, the noise persists after trying the above remedies, consider contacting a company that offers garage door installation services for problem diagnosis and correction. Ultimately, regular door maintenance will minimize the chances of experiencing a noisy garage door.

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