What Does It Mean To Live “Comfortably” on a Middle-Income Budget?

Comfortable LivingLiving in the city is expensive. With the bustle, pollution, and the long hours stuck in traffic, good luck trying to find one person who can say they’re comfortable and happy with their living situation.

For those starting a family, the urban scenery isn’t the best setup for many reasons. Sadly, the best education comes with the price of enduring the city, while the best social environment means you have to isolate yourself from the urban noise.

In the new world, is it possible to have the best of both worlds: the comfort of suburbia and the convenience of the metro?

A city on the outskirts

Unlike in the past, suburban comfort and urban convenience are no longer mutually exclusive. Major developments are under construction to bring a combination of both, says Lnc-thesquare.com. What does it mean to combine the two?

For instance, you get a mall in the middle of a suburban haven, surrounded by green overhangs, louvers and canopies. What’s more, this mall is a few steps away from a techno and commercial hub with at least 17,500 workers, not quite isolating.

Residential neighborhoods with easy access to these urban amenities get to have the combination comfort and convenience. To answer the question, yes, it’s possible to have the best of both words.

That’s what it means to live comfortably. That’s what every family should aim for.

 A community in the city

Just as we want a mall within a greenbelt, we want a community within the mall. This just means the people bumping past each other aren’t strangers. A real community is where residents can enjoy the same malls, same restaurants, same church, tied together by the same experiences and memories.

That’s impossible to find in a crowded city, but with the rise of provincial communities, anyone can have that kind of experience.

Thanks to technology and a strong sense of collaboration, comfortable living is possible for the middle-class Filipino in the future. In fact, it’s happening right now.