Using Memory Foam for a Good’s Night’s Sleep

Hand stamp on memory foamMemory foam is a special type of foam mattress or pillow that molds to the shape of the person’s body. It’s softer than a standard mattress and less unforgiving on the spine; therefore, reducing backache.

Memory foam was invented in the 1960’s to make NASA astronauts comfortable during their flights. They used it to line their airplane seats and protect them against impact. It has also been used in medical applications, for example, insoles for orthopedic shoes. Its use in bedding quickly became popular.

2 Brothers Mattress, a trusted mattress store in Salt Lake City, shares more information about this amazing product.

The Benefits

The secret of memory foam is in its weave. Its open-cell structure allows it to mold itself to the shape of the sleeper, providing support whatever position the person sleeps in. This is particularly helpful to people who have back pain or joint problems. As it retains heat, people with arthritis may find it soothing.

This type of mattress can also promote a good night’s sleep in pregnant women, people who are post-operative, and the elderly. Severely disabled people can benefit as well because memory foam reduces the risk of developing pressure sores.

People who have migraines, neck pain or posture-related headaches may be able to alleviate pain by using a memory foam pillow.

Aromatherapy Mattresses

Some types of memory foam mattress or pillow contain aloe vera or other plant substances so that their owners can have the benefits of aromatherapy while they sleep. A local mattress store in your area might stock different brands and can help you find the best product that meets your needs.

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Many hospitals and clinics now use memory foam to keep their patients comfortable. It is a popular choice for many families as well because of its ability to keep a backache and insomnia at bay.