Types of Cotton Used for Sheets

Bed with black patterned sheetsYou spend over 2,500 hours annually on your bed. As such, it is vital to find all the elements that make it as comfortable as possible. Diligence is essential when choosing your frame, pillows, mattress, and sheets. There are various fabric options available nowadays for sheets.

Cotton remains a favorite among people. After all, it is the most breathable, durable, and softest fabric in a Salt Lake City shop like 2brothersmattress.com. Here are the different types of cotton that you can choose for your sheets:

Egyptian Cotton

This variety is renowned for its luxurious feel and is generally considered the best. Egyptian cotton grows in dry, warm climates, and its qualities are partly attributed to the extended growing season of North Africa. It has extra-long fibers that create a soft fabric with a high thread count. Egyptian cotton, though costly, retains colors well and readily absorbs water, providing a cool sleeping atmosphere.

Pima Cotton

This type of cotton grows in Peru, the USA, and Australia. Its fibers are generally medium to extra-long and produce silky soft sheets with a natural sheen. Pima cotton sheets cost less than Egyptian cotton ones and are still durable. Supima is a trademark name for American Pima cotton.

Upland Cotton

This variety is currently used in most sheets. The fibers of upland cotton are shorter than Egyptian and Pima varieties, so the sheets might not be as soft as the latter. Nonetheless, upland cotton sheets are durable and inexpensive.

The primary characteristic that distinguishes the given cotton varieties is fiber length. Long staples generally make soft and durable sheets. Regardless of your choice, these are the most affordable sheets in the market.

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