Tricking the Eyes Into Believing It’s Not a Narrow Lot

Small House in QueenslandSpace means luxury but don’t despair if a sprawling mansion isn’t in your immediate future. Narrow lots and small homes can still be gorgeous and comfortable. Obviously, the trick to creating more room is to build up rather than out, which can be done in style.

Balancing verticals with horizontals

Too much of anything isn’t good, so smart designers mix together elements that create contrast and balance. A tall home on a smaller lot should have wider windows, horizontal planks of wood on its façade and lots of horizontal lines in balconies or in the perimeter fencing making the structure less lanky. It’s the same principle at work when choosing the right tree to plant. Go for greens that have rounder fuller shapes.

Giving the eyes many interesting details to focus on

A small balcony with its own roof is good to add. A big window for the attic is nice and useful too. Applying the first principle above, you can go for wider and rounder shapes so that the eyes can rest on details that do not look long and tall.

Breaking the height with details under the windows or greens

We have to come clean on this one: we are a bit biased towards plant boxes beneath windows. But if you think the upkeep or greens aren’t your thing, you can go for natural stone tiles or even just painted concrete that contrasts the rest of the façade. Otherwise, the eyes go from bottom up without pause. 

Having open space

When renovating to achieve a modern narrow lot house plan,Urban Homessays the builders must have to work around the property’s limitations. However, obsessing on the downside can make the cons even more pronounced. Many homeowners maximise their limited spaces by building bigger structures not leaving enough for open spaces. Blank spaces are good in any design because they give the eyes time to relax. Design so that your home doesn’t look too cramped.

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Using two colours

It’s still the same principle at work (i.e., breaking the up and down movement of the eyes) and painting is an inexpensive way to get the job done. Of course, a surefire fail would be to paint in vertical stripes or experiment with ridiculous colour combinations. But who does those, right?

A house on a narrow lot can still be modern and beautiful. Just give the eyes reason to go from left to right.