Top 3 Trends in Commercial Landscaping

beautiful landscapingAre you looking to upgrade the landscape in your commercial property or add a little touch-up using commercial landscaping services? The landscaping industry keeps changing, with new trends coming in. These seek to find better ways to improve the general appearance of landscapes without affecting the functionality of the space.

Below are the current trends that you can embrace for your next commercial landscaping service needs this year in Charlotte:

Native Plants

In an aim to reduce landscaping costs and to enhance plant sustainability, there is a shift towards picking plants that thrive well in a particular environment. These plants are indigenous to the local area and are native to the region. These require less watering and less fertilizer. Less human interference ensures that the plants grow faster.


Water scarcity and drought conditions have led to the popularity of xeriscape landscaping. This landscaping is an efficient system to reduce the amount of water usage in irrigating landscapes. As a result, commercial properties end up cutting down on their water usage when irrigating their lawns.

Green Roofs

In the past, practicing landscaping out in the field was common. Today, more commercial properties are growing different types of vegetation on their rooftops. Green roofs help properties that do not have much space in the front yard, but can have full or partial roof coverage to benefit from beautiful landscapes. Not only do such companies make the most of their rooftop space, but they also are embracing the green living movement.

Using plants on building rooftops offers insulation, minimizes energy use, and keeps storm water from destroying the property. Also, employees have an opportunity to interact with nature during work breaks, which will increase their productivity.

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The recent trends in landscaping are changing the way landscapers and property owners can utilize landscaping solutions in commercial properties. With more upcoming trends and commercial landscaping services, you can expect your business spaces to take a complete turn-around in building your brand image.