Tips to Keep Refrigerator Energy Consumption Low

All Appliances RepairThe typical refrigerator consumes about 1000 watts per hour, according to As you use the refrigerator 24 hours a day (multiplied by 365 days), it’s indeed one of those appliances that are high in energy consumption. What more if you’re using a second fridge at home?

Using the Right Fridge at Home

Choosing the right refrigerator to use at home can help reduce energy consumption. The ideal size of a fridge for most households is 25 cubic feet. Larger units tend to consume more energy. Be careful when choosing the refrigerator size and do not forget to consider an Energy Star certified residential fridge.

An Energy Star-certified fridge can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%. Moving on, a fridge that features an energy saver control allows you to deactivate anti-sweat heaters and save up to 10% on electricity consumption.

Keeping Refrigerator Energy Consumption Low

Regardless of what brand and size of refrigerator you have, doing these things will help you save electricity.

    • Do not set the refrigerator at a very low temperature, unless absolutely necessary. Also, setting the temperature too low can ruin the quality of food, especially produce.
    • Defrost the unit as often as needed. Ice buildup means poor air circulation and more moisture. When there’s moisture, the compressor will have to work harder to cool the fridge.
    • The fridge should be well stocked to help the unit control its temperature. However, do not overfill because this promotes poor air circulation.
    • Avoid unnecessary door openings, which let cold air escape. This will be extra work for the compressor, as it has to replace lost cool air.
    • Check the seals for leaks. noted that you definitely need fridge service if the seals are broken, torn, or cracked or if your compressor will have to work non-stop to produce cold air.
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Your electric bill could go really high if you don’t use your refrigerator correctly. Follow these tips to lower refrigerator energy consumption.