Tips for a Garden Makeover

Gardening in PerthGardens are practical and attractive additions to any home. These patches of open space can be an outdoor oasis, a playground for children, or a relaxing retreat. It’s a wonderful place to invite guests for a lunch grill or a late afternoon picnic.

But gardens require sufficient attention and care so they can be used to their fullest potential. Otherwise, they can become unruly and an eyesore to many. Meanwhile, if left bare, gardens become lifeless and your home dull and uninviting.

So if you feel like your garden has gone beyond the zone of maintenance, perhaps it is time to have a garden makeover! With a little creativity and help, you can transform your dull or wild garden into the perfect oasis you want.

To help you plan, Perth Gardening shares some useful tips.

Clean up your garden

Whether it’s dry or teeming with overgrowth, taking off the waste from your garden is the first thing to do. You may or may not do this alone but looking for people to help you in your garden clean up is not very difficult. A quick search online can pull you up some gardening services to help you out. It is important to clear the space, including debris or unwanted obstructions, so you can execute your landscaping properly.

Know your soil type

Perth is abundant in sand, silt, and clay. It is important to know this because not all plant species can survive in these soil types. Most gardeners will encourage you to use plant species that are native to Perth and to plant similar ones together. So even if you plan to have a lush Victorian garden in your backyard, it might not be as sustainable as planting native eucalyptus shrubs or bottlebrushes.

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Gather some ideas

Some great websites also offer great gardening tips and creative ideas to work up your garden. You can have terra cotta pots and moss-planted bowls as nice additions to your garden. These accents can perk up an otherwise blah garden landscape.

So don’t waste that extra space! Don’t hesitate to make that change if you have a garden that you feel like improving. In the long run, investing to a garden makeover will provide you and your family many benefits.