The Significance of Treads on Concrete Applications

Concrete stairs with no handrailsWith a great number of falls causing injuries and even death, stairs pose a safety risk in any building. It is thus the responsibility of the building owner to look for potential ways of minimising the risk of injuries for all the building users during the construction process.

Treads for concrete stairs are one of the ways to increase safety in buildings and are a preferable choice among many building owners because of the following reasons:


Concrete treads allow the installation of stair accessories, such as stair nosings, to increase safety further. You can also paint the treads with anti-slip paint as a means to decorate the treads while reducing chances of falls.

Allows Customisation

The fabrication process of these treads allows the creation of treads of any measurement. Concrete allows a building owner to achieve their desired look for the stairs, whether they are installing afresh or are undertaking a renovation.

Easy to Install

When installing concrete treads, the process is as easy as pressing the treads on wet cement and allowing the concrete to merge with the treads. If you are renovating the staircase, the installation process involves drilling and anchoring of the treads.


Concrete is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. Therefore, you could install treads on the stairs inside a building or in an outdoor space. Adding treads increases the durability of the stairs as the material can withstand heavy traffic and harsh environmental factors.

Concrete treads are an efficient way of promoting safety while using the stairs in any building. The installation process is fast and cheaper allowing you to make changes to your building without incurring high costs and interrupting the activities in the building.

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The easy installation process, durability, option of customisation that these treads offer make them a suitable choice for any building owner looking to increase the safety of the building.