The Right Wooden Fence for Your Needs

Dog on a fenceWood is a favorite fencing material that has been a choice for many Americans since hundreds of years before. It is easy to understand why, as wood is not just affordable and lightweight, but it also gives homes character and uniqueness. This material can also take any look you want, depending on the style you choose or where the fence will be used for.

Fence installation companies in Sarasota share the common types of wooden fences:


This wooden fence is ideal for front yards, pool enclosures, and gardens. Picket fences are usually between three and four feet high and mainly chosen for decorated purposes. They are characterized by spaced vertical boards (known as pickets) along with horizontal boards. You can customize the height of the fence or the space between pickets to keep your pet from escaping.


If you’re looking for fence style to surround decks, pools, gardens, and patios, lattice fences are worth considering. They have crisscrossing strips or grid-like structure made of thin wood slats. They offer some sort concealment from the outside while allowing air and light to pass through. Such fences are also ideal for climbing plants.

Post and Rail

This type of fence is mostly used for enclosing fields. They are ideal for agricultural purposes (like penning livestock) or around large garden or fields. You may also use post and rail fences for property marking and demarcation, as well as in adding rustic charm and feel to natural preserves or your home.


This wood fence is great for decks, pools, and patios. They feature vertical louvers that offer privacy while also allowing some air and light to pass through. Louvered wooden fences can be between six and eight feet high, making them ideal for keeping prying eyes from your property. You can choose this style if you want a unique fence design with a classic look.

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Wooden fences can offer not just beauty and classic style; but also privacy and security. Contact a reliable fence installation company today help you decide and build which type of wooden fence suits your needs.