The Lockdown: Making Your Home Burglar-proof

Door SecurityProtecting your home from burglars and other criminal activity involve fortifying the possible points of entry. This involves windows, doors, chimneys, gates, the garage, and vents. And despite it being the most inconspicuous way into a home, 70% of trespassers make their way in through the front door. You would normally think that burglars let themselves in through a window, but given that surprising statistic, here are ways on making your home burglar-proof:

  1. Install solid exterior doors

As the most important part of securing your home, your exterior doors must be kick-proof for it to be burglar-proof. Commercial exterior doors offer security and protection from thieves with its stainless steel build. You can be confident that trespassers won’t be able to kick these doors down.

  1. Don’t plant bushes near your doors

If you want to keep intruders away, you will have to compromise landscaping. Never plant bushes, shrubs, or other foliage near your door. This gives thieves a place to hide as they try to break into your home.

  1. Install a deadbolt

A door can only do so much in protecting your home. Equipping it with a deadbolt fortifies its durability. In choosing a deadbolt from the hardware, it’s best that you go for locks that extend deep into the doorframe.

  1. Add secondary locks

In addition to a deadbolt, installing secondary locks increases the security of your door. One-sided deadbolts that cannot be keyed open from the outside complicates entry into your home for burglars.

  1. Install a doorframe

Install a deep box strike and screw in deep into the wall studs. Also, reinforce your doorjamb with galvanized steel. These modifications to your doorframe can successfully prevent physical assaults from breaking down your door. With these two improvements, you door security is strengthened tenfold.

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Through these five door improvements, you can be sure to lock down the fort and sleep soundly, knowing that burglars aren’t going to be making their way into your home.