The Kidney Shaped Pool and Other Popular Pool Designs

Swimming Pool Shape DesignPerth’s warm climate makes it ideal for owning a swimming pool. Swimming pools are popular for leisure and are known to increase the market value of a home. Just about any family with enough space in their garden can choose to install a swimming pool at a reasonably affordable price.

Pools come in a variety of shapes and materials. Fibreglass pools are the most popular by far because of their easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements.

Fibreglass swimming pools can be of any shape and design, but some shapes are more popular than others are. One of the more curious designs is the kidney shaped pool, which resembles the bean-like organ.

An Organic, Versatile Shape

The popularity of kidney shaped pools is undeniable. While rectangular and geometric pools are still the most popular shape, the kidney shaped pool lends itself well to practically any yard shape.

Rounded and with an indentation on one side, the kidney shaped pool is versatile and smoothly curves around a space. For homes with a less than modern design, the kidney shaped pool looks more natural and organic and blends well with the landscape.

Due to its shape, many homeowners choose to utilise the extra space provided by the indentation. Adding a spa is a popular option, while others place a table, a bar, or a gazebo in the area.

Sharp Geometry

Others prefer more traditional pool designs like rectangles and L-shaped pools. These sharp, geometric shapes maximise the pool space as they are often longer than they are wide. They also fit well with the aesthetic of modern homes, which have crisp angles and boxy designs.

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Rectangular pools are ideal for swimming laps and are the preferred shape for those who want to use the pool for more athletic activities than just lounging about.

Surprisingly, oval and round pools are not so popular. Round pools take up a lot of space and leave little space for the rest of the garden. It is no wonder that asymmetric designs like kidney pools are preferred over other styles. They just work better with the shape of most gardens and give homeowners enough leeway to work on their landscaping.