The Great Outdoors: Turning Your Backyard into a Playground

Child playing inside a cubby houseToday, we often find kids glued to phones and tablets. Reports indicate that children spend over two hours on their gadgets. As a result, they rarely go outside to go biking or play under awnings in Layton. No one can deny the benefits of outdoor play.

As a parent, you can encourage your kids to break away from their screens and go out to play. A good strategy is making a play area in your backyard. It’s convenient, safe, and fun. Here’s how you can transform your yard into an exciting playground for your children.

For Active Play

Active play involves vigorous physical activities that help kids stretch their muscles and strengthen their bones. With slides, swings, trampolines, and monkey bars, your kids will have plenty of opportunities for active play.

For a more budget-friendly option, repurpose your old car tires and wood planks, and create a bridge-like set-up. This will help enhance a kid’s sense of balance.

For Creative Play

Playing outside doesn’t just have to include physical activities. Brain-stimulating activities are also important. Add an arts section in your yard. Just have a chalkboard, an easel, and some watercolor, and you instantly have an arts zone.

Of course, don’t forget your child’s comfort while playing. Provide shade and protect them from the sun’s harmful rays by housing your arts section in a pergola or gazebo or by plainly using awnings. Layton design experts can help you better decide which works best in your outdoor space.

For Pretend Play

Pretend play doesn’t just improve your child’s imagination; it also enhances their ability to solve problems as they take on different roles and navigate different narratives. If you can buy a cubby house, that’s good. But you can also make use of what you already have now, like a sand pit.

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Encourage children to play like archaeologists unearthing new discoveries. Or, add a flag in the middle of the sand pit, and instantly you’ve transported your kids to a pirate ship.

Outdoor play is important for the child’s development. Make them long for the outdoors by creating the perfect play area.