The Division of Borders: Fencing Limitations and Standards to Avoid Conflicts

FenceMost fencing laws statewide have certain provisions on the height limit of artificial borders.

In residential areas, for example, wood, steel, and aluminum fencing should only be up to four feet in front yards and six feet in backyards. While local ordinances set by different cities, counties, and states differ, fencing regulations regarding height conformity is identical in most parts.

So, unless the construction of the fence supersedes the law that prohibits certain building regulations or the owner applied for a variant (exemption), a neighborhood dispute may be inevitable.

Zoning Must-do's for Good Neighbors

Whenever you plan something for your home and family, it’s always exclusive. But, if what you’re trying to do involves placing noticeable additions in the neighborhood such as fences and borders, you have to confer with the affected neighbor. Below are some things you should do to avoid conflicts:

  • Observe Appropriated Spaces – If you’re unsure about the spacing between your neighbor’s property and yours, never build in between. Don’t risk having to tear down an expensively built fence without any pre-surveys of the land.
  • Respect and Adhere to the Limits – Always review the restrictions with your fencing company or your city’s fencing regulation (if you’re self-building) to avoid violations. Also, make sure to obtain the required permits to avoid conflicts with local authorities.
  • Follow Unique Fencing Guidelines – Neighborhoods in an association typically have their own stipulations on fencing. Consult with the building officer in the area first and match their guidelines with the city ordinances.
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Other Mindful and Helpful Countermeasures

The term “fence” includes the trees, hedges, or anything that creates barriers. If, for any reason, you need higher fences, apply for a local variant for an exemption. For example, if you’re trying to block a bad view across or a noisy street, authorities will typically grant the request. 

More than ensuring privacy and security, putting up a fence is modern age responsibility.