The Difference Between Steel and Aluminum Fences

Steel and Aluminum FencesA well-made fence offers protection for the property and can add its aesthetics, especially for homes and offices that have a certain theme. In choosing industrial metal fencing, you’ll be faced with the option of getting steel or aluminum units. Both have its share of benefits and drawbacks, and can effectively keep your place safeguarded in style. Let’s go through some of them.

Aluminum Fencing 

One of the most glaring benefits of aluminum is its ability to resist rust and corrosion. It can withstand the presence of heavy rains for longer periods than most metals and is more resistant to the elements. As such, property owners will have fewer worries that an aluminum fence could lose its luster or paint job.

In addition, aluminum is cheaper than steel and lighter. This means installing the industrial fencing won’t be too much of a problem. Compared to steel, you can use it for more applications, like automatic gates and pedestrian gates given its light weight. Typically, you won’t have to spend too much in procuring aluminum fencing.

Unlike steel, however, aluminum fencing won’t endure thoroughly a strong physical force. It can receive dents if struck repeatedly with a hard and heavy object.

Steel Fencing

For total protection, industry professional shares that steel comes as the ideal option. It is harder than other metals and is more durable to strong physical forces. Steel is built to withstand powerful cyclones and other dangers that nature can present. When treated with strengthening agents, the material becomes even more durable.

The biggest disadvantage of steel is that it’s prone to rust. If you will use it as material for industrial metal fencing, it should be treated with rustproofing. Given its weight, it should also be installed securely. Steel fences are commonly more expensive than aluminum.

Aluminum fences work best with homes and residential areas while steel is the typical choice of offices, banks or any place that requires utmost security.