The Best Bedroom with the Best Window Treatment

Window Treatment in AustraliaThe bedroom is one’s personal sanctuary. It serves as the home inside the home — away from the disturbances of today’s work and a personal space for reading, reflection or just rest. Because of its great role, it only makes sense to improve it for comfort.

Window treatments are one of the top considerations.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for the bedroom. While blockout roman shades are the usual go-to, there are more choices apart from the regular standby. A little exploration of available drapery paves the way for unique bedroom ideas:

Convenience with Roller Shades

Homeowners who are big fans of raising shades every morning and drawing them at night should consider roller shades for their bedrooms. These window treatment options come with blockout and light filtering materials.

Bedrooms facing the back of the house and areas that do not receive enough sunlight benefit greatly from light filtering roller shades. These shades allow more natural light in, which adds a brighter touch to the bedroom despite the closed shades.

Rooms in need of full privacy, on the other hand, can use blockout roller shades to keep the morning sun away.

Obstructed Windows and Roman Shades

For homeowners who prefer texture and softness when it comes to drapery, roman shades are their best option. For old homes with obstructed wall configurations, radiators or rooms with furniture situated under the window, choosing the roman option over drapes is a smart choice.

Similar to roller shades, homeowners have choices with roman shades in terms of material and style:

  • Relaxed and Tulip – perfect for a full look with rounded folds
  • Aventura and Cascade – horizontal lines that create a structured look
  • Flat – classic and clean look
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Bedrooms serve as the world away from all the stresses of real life. By selecting the right window treatment, homeowners can enjoy their personal sanctuaries better.