The 6 Spots Where Pests Get Comfortable in Your Home

ants inside of a homeThe National Pest Management Association shares that nearly a third of Americans have dealt with the unfortunate incident of having rodents in their homes. Aside from rodents, roaches, flies, ants, termites, and other pests take part in the scary scenario in most households in America. agrees leaving pest infestations unchecked can cause serious structural damage for homeowners. But you can get ahead of this problem by finding areas in your home that attract pests. Be on the lookout for their usual and not-so-common hideouts and catch these pests off-guard.


Attics serve as the warm and cozy haven for pests, especially during the winter. Bugs crawl through the caps and vents in ceilings to make their way to the attic. Whether your attic serves as a storage room, or a bedroom, it doesn’t exclude it in the suspected hideouts of pests.


Insects find the garage as one of the most accessible places in your homes. It’s important to note that pests and insects seek the comfort of warmth wherever they stay. Also, using your garage for storage makes it more vulnerable to pest infestation because it becomes a source of food for the pests.


Since most basements function as storage spaces for households, people rarely visit them. The more isolated a place is, the more pests go to it. As dust and clutter gather in your basement, so do roaches and rodents.


Insects sneak under your furniture because you rarely check them. This makes it easier for insects to swarm under the cushions of your couches. They go to these spots not only for the sake of safety, but for warmth.

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Cupboards and closets

Cupboards and closets become hiding spots for insects and their larvae. Pests usually make use of the back of the cupboard where they are out of sight. You will most likely find roaches lurking in the dark confines of your closet.

Kitchen sink and bathroom sink

Water and moisture in any space create the perfect spot for pests. This is why pests lurk under your kitchen sink and bathroom sink. The piping from your sink linked to the wall also serves as another hideout for pests.

It’s crucial for you to ensure that no pest invades your home. An infestation makes your house and your loved ones unsafe. So mark these vulnerable spots and call a professional exterminator to get rid of pests—permanently.