Swimming Pools and Perth Weather: What You Must Know About Them

Backyard Pool in a Perth HomeWho wouldn't like a pool in their backyard? It’s aesthetically pleasing and provides a refreshing solution when the weather gets extremely hot. Knowing this only too well, citizens have their Perth swimming pools installed to provide some comfort when the weather just won’t cooperate.

Since it is a force of nature, however, the weather cannot be manipulated. Therefore, you must know what to do with swimming pools not just when it’s sunny out, but also when the rain pours down. 

How’s the weather in Perth?

Perth, with its Mediterranean climate, is the Australian city with the most number of sunny days annually. It does have a short and wet winter, but even then, the sun still shines often. Summer is from December to February. The dry weather can go from warm to hot then. From March to May, Perth still has sunny days but has cooler nights. Rain showers and humidity are a possibility since the rainy season is approaching. In fact, the city is experiencing winter storms and cold nights this May 2016.

Winter—or the rainy season—in Perth is from June to August. It is composed of cool, sunny days and the constant chance of storms. Once October hits, rainfall decreases and the weather starts to warm up again. 

How do I maintain my pool?

Maintaining your swimming pool is a matter of cleaning out your skimmer basket and pump basket regularly, ensuring the chemical balance is maintained – your pH, Total alkalinity and chlorine levels and ensuring your water level are maintained. During the summer months, water is lost due to evaporation, splash out and backwashing so needs to be replenished. Utilising a pool cover or blanket can stop evaporation and be beneficial for the environment helping to conserve water. 

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Depending on what type of filter you have installed, your filtration system will need to have the cartridge element manually cleaned or the filter backwashed to remove particle build-up and contaminants. This will keep your filtration system in good working order. Scoop your pool regularly to keep out unwanted debris and leaves.

That’s Perth pool maintenance in a nutshell.