Submersible Pumps for Septic Tanks

a septic tankThere are currently different wastewater treatment methods, but septic tank systems are the popular ones. These wastewater treatment options use anaerobic bacteria to mineralize or decompose solid waste leaving liquid behind. One of the essential maintenance of septic tank systems is periodic pumping when full.

For many North Bay residents, the interval between septic pumping times primarily depends on the tank’s volume. When evaluating the bids from different companies for a septic tank pumping, you should consider the type of pump. The following types of submersible pumps are commonly used for agricultural, residential and commercial applications since they are quiet, reach deep levels and have minimal risk of leaks.

Effluent Pumps

Designed for pumping clear wastewater or those with minimal solids, effluent pumps are often used for pumping discharge from aerobic systems and septic tanks to drain fields, surface discharging point or secondary treatment systems. The horsepower ratings for these pumps range from 1/3-2 HP. Pumps with a high HP rating generally have high head pressure and can handle large water volumes.

Ejector Pumps

These are designed for handling raw sewage often from a pump station connected to an aerobic treatment or septic tank system. Ejector pumps can treat wastewater containing up to 2 inches of solids or with a 2 or 3-inch NPT discharge. They are usually used for pumping jobs which require low pressure.

Grinder Pumps

These are designed for pumping raw sewage but are more powerful compared to ejector pumps. Grinder pumps grind wastewater into a slurry then pump it at high pressures to its main sewers or other destinations. Most of them come with internal capacitors for their operation.

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Before choosing a pump system for your septic tank, ensure they are legitimate. Knowing this will guarantee that your wastewater is not dumped illegally. The pumping company will first evaluate your septic tank system before picking the ideal submersible pumps.