Stop that Water Leak: Plumbing Emergency Hacks

Plumbing Services in Salt Lake CitySometimes, plumbing disasters happen, many of which occur unexpectedly. In some cases, they are due to negligence, or simply because part of the pipe broke down due to old age. Whatever the cause of the emergency, you should know how to react accordingly. These unfortunate incidents can cause you thousands of dollars in property damage if left neglected.

To help you prevent considerable water damage due to plumbing catastrophes, Action Plumbing shares the steps you should take:

1. Turn off the main water valve.

The first thing you want to do is to stop the water from flowing out of the burst pipe or hose. Switch off the valve supplying water to this damaged area, or turn off the main water valve. The important thing is to stop more water from flowing into your home and causing indoor flooding.

2. Use something to block the water temporarily.

As you cannot permanently switch off the water valve, especially if your home only has a single valve, use something that will block the water temporarily. With a few materials and tools, such as a piece of rubber, gasket, c-clamp or sleeve clamp, you can stop the leak while strategizing your next best move.

3. Test your quick fix.

Once you have the rubber or gasket and clamps in place, open the supply valve gradually. You want to do this slowly, as too much pressure can push out these materials and loosen the clamps.

4. Contact a plumber.

As soon as you have stopped the leak, call the pros immediately. Regardless of when you have encountered this problem, know that you can rely on the quick help of Salt Lake City emergency plumbing services.

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Always keep in mind that the first three steps are only temporary. You should have an experienced plumber come in as soon as possible to provide you with a more permanent resolution.