Stair Remodelling Guide: The Four B-Terms You Need to Familiarise With

Stair Remodelling in AustraliaAmong the different parts of the home, stairs are one of those that are often forgotten when talking about renovations. Not a lot of people know that stairs and staircases can work as a significant design element in the house. A simple stair upgrade can significantly change the look and feel of your home.
Where do you start when planning a stair renovation? The best way to start is to know the basic stair terminologies. Don’t worry; there are only a few major terms to familiarise with. These are balcony, balusters, balustrades, and box newels. For better retention, you can simply call them the four B’s. Here’s what you need to know about them.


Balconies are raised platforms built on the side of a structure. They are surrounded by a low wall or railing. They are technically not part of a stair system, but they are almost all the time designed to match the staircase. Many staircase designers and contractors also work on balconies.


Also known as stair sticks, spindles, or pickets, balusters are moulded shafts usually made from timber or metal. They serve as support to the handrail and also a major design feature in the system. When renovating stairs, it pays to choose a baluster design and style to suit the overall appeal of the stairs.


Balustrade refers to the complete railing system. Other than the railings, it also includes the balusters and newels. Stair balustrades from, come in different materials such as timber, metal, and glass. You can use a particular material to achieve a certain look.

For instance, you can go classic with timber balustrades or go ultra-modern with glass panels.

Box Newels

Box newels are newels that are square in shape. Positioned on both sides of the stairs, box newels are usually large and hollow. They are oftentimes made from wood or metal.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the terms, you can start talking with a contractor and tell your requirements and preference when it comes to the basic parts.