Skin Sins: 3 Shower Habits That May Be Ruining Your Skin

skinSorry to burst your bubble, but even if you’re religiously following a celebrity-approved routine and getting enough sleep, there’s a high chance you’ll still get an unhealthy skin. The reason? Your shower habits. Yes, the way you take a bath can either ruin or save your skin. Here’s how:

Taking a bath too long may lead to bad skin.

Who doesn’t like a nice, long shower after a hard day? Well, your skin doesn’t. Experts say that taking a bath for too long washes away the proteins and lipids that make up the skin barrier.

That skin barrier is crucial for preventing irritants that cause all the skin sins you can think of — redness, dryness, burns, etc. This bad skin situation worsens when you use soap or body wash. The best thing you can do is to keep your baths short and use soap that hydrates, particularly those that have ceramides or glycerin ingredients.

Showering with hot water may aggravate skin conditions.

While it’s relaxing to bathe with warm water, it could trigger eczema and psoriasis flare-ups. Reconsider the quality of your water, as well. Hard water contains minerals, like calcium, iron, and magnesium, which can irritate sensitive skin. What you need is soft water, which is kinder to the skin and won’t aggravate symptoms. Install a water softener Provo specialists provide to cut the risk of skin condition flare-ups. And remember, limit hot showers.

Washing your face with makeup on.

When you come home from a long day, doing your nightly routine of cleansing and whatnot may be the last thing that’s on your mind. It makes sense to just do the face cleaning in the shower, right? It will be washed for sure, anyway.

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Well, there’s a high chance that it won’t be washed completely. It might leave some makeup residue on the face, especially if you’re wearing waterproof products. This may irritate the skin later on. Beauty experts also advise against directly washing the face under the shower, especially if it’s hot water, as it may dry out your facial skin. For the love of beauty, as much as you can, wipe the makeup off before stepping into the shower.

Are you guilty of these skin-wrecking shower habits? Break the routines and make your baths a skin-saving regimen.