Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof Soon

Man replacing the roofWhen rain and sunlight go right through the roof, you cannot deny the need for a new one. Even when you only see water stains, the need for a replacement roof is dire. Active and passive leaks damage your home in more ways than you can imagine. Structural damage may not be evident at first, but you will see the consequences soon enough, or pay for it at great cost.

So, what are the signs your roof needs replacement? Read on to find out.


A sagging roof looks dangerous, and it is. Sagging is never a good sign because it indicates structural damage. If you replace it later, you might only be allowing the damage to worsen and the costs to rise. A sagging roof is a sign of problems with the decking. In some cases, the attic has a problem.

If luck is not on your side, then the roof may already be telling you that something is wrong with the foundation of the house. A company that offers professional roofing services in Howard County can send workers to assess the problem and determine the best solution.

The age of your roof

According to experts, asphalt shingles can only serve you well until they are between 20 to 30 years old. If your neighbors are starting to have their roofs checked, then you might do the same. Alarm bells should start ringing as soon as someone in the household celebrates a 25th birthday or anniversary –someone who has been living at home when it was put up.

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A durable and lasting roofing solution is your best bet. When it is time to replace the roof, consider both the materials and the cost. For now, have the roof checked by experts, learn about its current state, and find out how you can deal with the problem if there’s any.