Shade and Style for Your Patio in Brisbane

A PatioSummer is fun until you find yourself suffering from its effects: heat stroke, sunburn, and even skin rashes due to the heat. If your house has a patio, you could enjoy the summer in the outdoors without worrying about these ill effects.

To protect the entire patio as well as your family members from the scorching sun in Brisbane, you should consider patio roofing.  But there are many options that you could consider for your patio roofing or shade.

Metal roofing

Metal roofing is available in aluminium, steel, copper and alloy. Aluminium is very popular because of its availability in various sizes, colours, and styles. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and install. Aluminium patio covers are affordable and easy to maintain. It could also withstand extreme weather conditions.


A lattice covering is a good option for contemporary homes. It has thinner and simpler shaped pieces that create a rectangular shape. An ideal material for this type of covering is wood. While cedar might do the trick, it is best to choose teak or redwood for durability.


If you want an Italian garden for your outdoor space, then pergolas are the best way to go. The ceiling of a pergola can be crisscross, curvy, or flat depending on your taste and the appearance of your main structure.

While they might not provide a permanent solution for a heavy patio cover, they still offer a relaxing shade on a sunny day while providing an airy atmosphere.

A roofed patio is everyone’s favourite spot in the summer because it allows you to enjoy the summer with all the comforts of a cool, shaded area. Patio roofing is essential to protect you from direct sunlight and other extreme weather conditions.

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