Serviced Apartments Vs. Hotels: 3 Times the Former is Better

Apartment in Fortitude ValleyWhenever you go on a business trip to Brisbane, your first instinct is to book a hotel room to stay in for the duration while you’re in the city. This may have been the norm, and is actually a pleasant idea if you’d just be there for a day or two, but when it comes to slightly longer stays, you might be better off with a serviced apartment.

Unlike hotels, serviced apartments are more like a home away from home. They’ve been around for decades, but their reinvention for the corporate travelers have made them one of the most sought-after types of accommodations in Fortitude Valley and New Farm for short-term, or even long-term, lodgings.

Why abandon what’s customary, you say? Well, here are just three major advantages of serviced apartments over hotels:

More Affordable

The difference in cost is so considerable you might feel bad about spending all the money you spent to sleep in hotel rooms over the years. Sure, your company may be the one paying for your trips, but renting a serviced apartment offers a unique, homey experience many corporate travelers long for.

In serviced apartments, you have the option to do your own laundry and cook your food amongst many others because all the necessary appliances would be provided to you. While you can pay for these chores for, sometimes, steep prices in hotels, having the freedom to wash the clothes you wore yesterday for your tomorrow’s appointment and reheat your leftovers from the restaurant and make late-night snacks gives you the flexibility to spend your stay your way.

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More Spacious

A typical serviced apartment can have a kitchen, a dedicated laundry area and several private rooms with communal living spaces to accommodate the needs of single and group travelers. A hotel room, on the other hand, is no more than a bedroom with a bathroom and some small balcony.

Not only you’re paying less, but you likewise get to enjoy more breathing room throughout your stay.

More Private

Housekeeping is less frequent in serviced apartments. Unless you specifically ask the management to send someone to clean and fix your room, nobody would come in there while you’re out. At first, you may not feel that special without such services, but this is truly a positive in terms of increasing your privacy. Without a complete stranger tidying up your room that doesn’t really need that much cleaning in between visits, you can leave valuable items while going out with no worries.

Statistically speaking, serviced apartments lead the way in the Australian accommodation scene for a reason. Even if it’s still more of an alternative than a standard, you should consider this type of lodging the next you’d go on a business trip.