Sell Fast! Improve Your Kent Home’s Kerb Appeal

Couple Looking at a House ListingHow long does it take to sell a home in the UK? On the average, it takes about 6 weeks. Areas such as Greater London and Kent fare better than the rest with an average listing time of 4 weeks. Nevertheless, you do not want to wait that long to find a buyer since the longer you wait, the higher the need to cut back on the price.

To speed up the sales process and beat your competition, one of the best steps is to improve your kerb appeal. You can:

Add some greenery

If you have not thought about adding some flowers and other plants before, it is time you do once you want to sell your Kent home. More than 35 percent of potential buyers will not consider a property that does not have one. Award-winning landscape firm Oakleigh Manor believes that a beautifully designed home garden maximizes the potential of your property.

What if you do not have a huge backyard? You can take advantage of driveways in Kent. Add some topiaries or shrubs along the path. (Note: Do not forget to clean the driveway too, change the pavement or concrete if necessary).

Take care of roofing

There are many ways to judge the soundness of a home, and one of these is through the roof. If the tiles are broken, the gutters are rusty, and the roof looks decrepit, do not expect your potential buyers to peek inside your house.

Ideally, you should maintain your roof each year, but in case you have not done that, work immediately with your roofers who can give you practical steps to repair them the cheapest way possible.

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Clean the outside.

Before you give your home a new coat of paint, clean it first. Get rid of dust, grime, and mildew the property accumulated through the years. Besides, paint adheres better when the walls are clean.

Although improving kerb appeal may cost money and time, it is worth it when you know it gives your home an upper hand in the competitive real estate market.