Security Technology in Victoria: On Biometrics and Intruder Alarms

The Effectiveness of Biometric and Alarm Systems in VictoriaToday, technology has come to upgrade our lives in a lot of ways. Amongst other things, security systems are at an all-time high. From smartphones to homes and buildings, as well as a variety of infrastructures, such as banks and schools, security technology now brandishes a range of tools and solutions for safety and protection. To improve livelihood and make things easier — this is technology’s purpose, is it not?

Home Security in Victoria, Australia

Cowley Security cites relevant statistics on the security of homes in Victoria, Australia. The company states that on the average, 1 in every 63 homes in the state falls victim to burglary. As the nation’s most densely populated state, Victoria has to address the need for increased security.

Common sense dictates that you can easily replace material objects, regardless of value. However, you cannot alter the sense of vulnerability and violation that burglary leaves after an incident. Given how burglary can easily escalate into more dastardly crimes, victims may find themselves leading paranoid lives.

This is where the most advanced of security technologies come into good use. With biometrics and intruder alarms, along with home automation, intercom systems, and CCTV, people will feel safer.

Solving Crime: Facial Recognition Technology

The South Australia Police (SAPOL) solves crimes and apprehends criminals faster through the use of facial recognition technology. The organisation, working hand-in-hand with NEC Australia, also gets to utilise this available technology to assist with criminal investigations and search for missing people.

The technology services company, NEC Australia, developed the NeoFace facial recognition software, recognised around the world for offering the highest authentication accuracy and speed. This makes their collaborative work with SAPOL the most efficient biometrics technology in the state that meets the requirements of their operations.

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