School Security Begins with the Front Entrance

Aluminum Protective FenceImproving school security is a complex tragedy of imperfections. Because it’s too complex, forgetting the simplest details happens. As school leaders aim to improve control, some overlook the importance of securing the main entrance.

A secure main entrance prevents unauthorized access, presenting a better security image. When prevention fails, however, intruders gain easy entry, which may result in disastrous harm.

An overarching security plan is the best way to start. Schools need more than just an aluminum protective fence around the perimeter. There must be a combination of access control, natural surveillance, and territoriality.

Perimeter Fences Limit Access

Good fencing encourages visible and well-monitored areas. While it doesn’t completely prevent unauthorized access, it exposes visitors with questionable intentions.

For example, some schools use theater-style ropes to block certain areas. Would-be attackers can easily cross these rope lines, but their actions immediately call the attention of security teams. Fences announce their presence, preventing further harm.

Single Point of Entry

Effective access control requires regulation of entrances within the facilities. Easily achieve this with a single point of entry.

Some schools have more points of entry. Because of the number of students, multiple entrances are understandable—you just need regulation. For points of entry to be regulated, no unauthorized person should pass without drawing attention from responsible parties. If regulating the entrance is a challenge, take measures to regulate access at all of the school’s entrances. 

Implementing Visitor Management Programs

Regulating access also requires a strong visitor management program. Visitors shouldn’t easily come and go; there should be a registration at the front desk or the main office. This requires proof of identification in exchange for visitor badges.

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Add visible signage on all entrances, including parking lot entrances.

Keep unwanted guests from accessing your campus by focusing on the school’s front entrance. Fences, visitor management, and access controls are just some of the solutions that improve campus security.