Reroofing with Colorbond for a Better, Safer, More Attractive Home

Re-Roofing in PerthClay roofing is heavy, so as time goes by, you might see the roof line dipping a bit. Are you comfortable having a few tons of tiles sitting above your head? While there is no imminent danger of the roof falling in, you might want to prevent potential weight damage by utilising an alternate roofing material.

A good choice is Colorbond, which is 20 times lighter, and yet as dependable as traditional tile roofs. Colorbond is a product worth considering when you are planning a re-roofing project.

When corrugated roofing is the most feasible choice

Colorbond is known in Australia as corrugated iron roofing. The material is actually made from galvanised steel. The application of high performance coating solves the old problem of fading so that your metal roof is in top form as the seasons change. Metal roofing goes well with the overall aesthetics of modern homes. But this type of roofing is not just for modern housing. If the slope of the roof is too shallow, or if the design requires no slope at all, then galvanised steel roofing is the only feasible option.

Is Colorbond a better alternative to tile roofing?

Like other building materials, galvanised Colorbond is not perfect and has its downside. For starters, if you do not pay for additional insulation you must learn to endure the noise of heavy rain pouring on metal. If you do not have a problem with this, then become a proud owner of a new Colorbond roof. The product is easy to install, durable, and resistant to corrosion and termites. The design of the roof is also thermally efficient such that it regulates the heat exchange in the building.

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From a design perspective, perhaps there is no other roofing material as flexible and versatile as galvanised steel. Moreover, you won’t have to spend too much money just to have a roof that stands out. If you want a roof that’s attractive, reliable, and appropriate for Australian climates, then learn more about Colorbond products.