Removing Mold Growth From American Homes

Mold being sprayed and removedRemoving persistent fungal growth from carpets can be daunting. Mold removal services here in Canada often find themselves called upon to deal with a widely spread infestation. A carpet that nurtures fungus may end up in the dustbin if not dealt with immediately.

Molds and mildew can be hazardous, and if you wait long enough, spray products may not work.

When the invisible becomes visible

Fungi spores are too small for the naked eye. If they start spreading and taking hold, what used to be invisible becomes visible as unsightly marks. Certain species are more tenacious than others are, and the change in coloration as they spread may be difficult to ignore.

These organisms also give off a musty, earthy smell that is unmistakably out of place in an American home.

Will the carpet survive?

Have you tried removing unsightly marks and stains from floor-to-floor carpeting? Dish-washing detergent or shampoo makes the carpet more fragrant, but these substances are no match for living microorganisms that have made the carpet their habitat.

Bleach might do the trick, but it could ruin the fibers forever. Lysol might work when mixed with water if you let the solution sit for about 20 minutes in the carpet. Just make sure you dry out the carpet completely. Any moisture left could trigger re-growth of molds.

Success in prevention

Preventing microorganisms such as fungi is an important aspect of carpet care. You should not allow spores to settle in and make your expensive carpet their home. Molds love moisture, so deprive them of moisture. Ventilate, air out, and dehumidify as necessary.

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You can arrest spore germination if you deny them of food and a nurturing environment.

Lastly, the rate of development of damage can be quite fast if you do not act immediately. Get to it as soon as possible.  Spores proliferate quickly when conditions are right for them. Do not be defeated by molds. When the damage is impossible to rectify, then you would have to spend for new carpets!