Outdoor Gazebo and 4 Ways to Maintain it

An outdoor wooden gazebo Gazebos add life to your outdoor activities. Be it a small gathering with friends or family, or a simple alone time with your significant other, sitting in the gazebo with a glass of your favourite wine is always relaxing.

Being outdoors, gazebos are exposed to various natural and artificial elements. That is why it is crucial to regularly maintain it to keep it in its top shape.

Ways to maintain your outdoor gazebo

  1. Keep a clean surrounding

Weeds are not only off limits in your garden; it should be off-limits in your gazebo too. Clear your gazebo of weeds and other unwanted plants between 3-10 feet to make sure that your structure is well protected from the dangers of growing plants. Plants growing around the gazebo can damage the structure in various ways.

  1. Control mould and mildew

Depending on what your gazebo is made of, mould and mildew might quickly grow and can be annoying. This is especially true with vinyl gazebos. Have easy home remedies by using a mixture of bleach, laundry detergent, and water to use as mould and mildew cleaner. Cleaning your gazebo regularly is the secret to preventing moulds from even forming in the first place.

  1. Roof maintenance

Make sure your roof is always leak free. Conduct inspection and maintenance at least twice a year. A leak in the roof can affect the whole gazebo structure negatively in the long run.

  1. Know your materials

Gazebo maintenance is relative to the material your gazebo is made of. Vinyl and metal gazebos are the easiest to clean. You just need soap and water and a regular cleaning schedule, and you are good to go. Wood gazebos need more care as moisture is their main opponent. Make sure it is well ventilated to prevent the wood from rotting.

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Want to make your gazebos last long? Always keep these things in mind and see how younger generations can enjoy your gazebo as much as you do.