Opening Style Options for Garage Doors

Entrance to GarageChoosing a garage door can be confusing with the many factors you need to consider. These include its material, design, choice of components and opening style. Among these factors, your garage door’s opening style has a significant impact on its ultimate appearance.

For Salt Lake City homes, the opening styles of the garage doors primarily depend on the area’s climate and the garage’s primary use. It is hence prudent to discuss with your supplier the best opening style for your door based on these factors. Price’s Guaranteed Doors cites your options below:

1. Sectional doors

These are the most common option for homeowners in the US. Sectional doors are assembled as panels mounted on a track that rolls along a central guide. The doors open vertically and are practical, versatile, security, and safe.

2. Tip-up doors

Also called up-and-over doors, these consist of a single panel, which functions in a hinge-like manner, balanced and assisted by torsion springs. There are two categories of tip-up doors, including canopy and retractable ones.

The operation of canopy door is manual and has torsion springs as well as vertical tracks installed on frame legs. The retractable door contains horizontal tracks and torsion springs on its frame legs and can be manual or power-operated.

3. Swing-out doors

These doors swing outwards just like barn doors. They function like conventional front entry doors and feature a trackless system. The swing-out opening style is typical with carriage garage doors in warm climates.

When picking your ideal opening style, ensure it matches your home’s architectural style. Regardless of your garage door’s opening style, routine maintenance is essential to keep it in good shape and maintain its safety. This includes lubrication, prompt replacement of worn-out parts and tightening up of loose hardware.

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