NOAA Expects Normal Winter Conditions for US Midwest

A woman warming up her hands in a winter seasonIf you live in Missouri and other Midwestern states, the chances are that you will experience normal winter conditions in 2017-2018.

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center (CPC) expects this coming winter to reach above, near or below-normal temperatures. Instead of helping you plan a winter vacation, the CPC’s outlook should serve as a guide for buying new wardrobe for the colder months or considering furnace repair in St. Louis.

Winter weather

NOAA advised those who live in the south that winter may be warmer than normal, as two-thirds of the country might experience the same. In the East Coast, the season’s temperatures may be between 33% and 40% above average.

On the other hand, the CPC said that regions in the Northern Plains and Northwest would have below-average temperatures. In terms of rainfall, there is a chance of above-average precipitation in Midwestern states. The CPC attributed its winter outlook to the La Niña, as the forecast noted an up to 65% chance that it will fully form during the fall and winter seasons.

Travel tips

The colder months have not deterred some people from traveling particularly because of the holidays. However, you should be aware of some safety tips when planning a trip. Car inspections should be on your priority list, as car trouble could be more difficult to fix during the winter season.

A GPS navigator on your smartphone helps you find your way through the thick fog and snow, yet take note that the cold weather will cause your phone’s battery to deplete much faster than warmer conditions. Other safety tips such bring extra food and water are already given, yet it is easy to forget this simple tips amid the holiday rush.

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The weather outlook this year will help Americans be more prudent in planning how to spend time during winter.