Muscle Building Activities to Stay Healthy

gaining muscleWhen people turn forty, their body starts to experience change, such as loss of bone density and muscle tone. Poor nutrition and a poor diet could lead to weight gain and health problems. You can receive sound advice from any fitness studio for women or men in Reading, Massachusetts. Why don’t you add a few good habits to your daily routine?

Adding resistance training to your exercise routine

A sedentary lifestyle results in loss of lean muscle mass and fat gain. If you don’t have a regular exercise routine, you’d better think about changing your lifestyle. Moreover, the method must include strengthening exercises with weight or resistance. Building muscle helps a woman burn calories. Muscle building gives any woman a toned but feminine physique. While you are losing fat with aerobic or cardiovascular exercises, you are boosting metabolism and improving the body’s ability to burn fat by exercising with weights.

Your health, body, and confidence will benefit when you engage in muscle building activities three or four times weekly. Weight training will change your body shape, improve your ability to perform daily tasks, build healthy bones and sustain joint stability. Weight training lowers your risk of injury as well.

Planking correctly

lifting weightsLie prone on your elbows with your wrists underneath the arms. Spread your feet in line with your shoulders. With your outstretched legs, use your feet to push your body away from the floor. Pull your belly button inward and toward your spine and keep your head raised. Planking for 30 seconds helps build muscle tone for many muscle groups. Planking for 90 seconds when you have developed some tolerance will give better results.

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Good nutrition

No amount of exercise can replace the value of good nutrition. If you eat the right kinds of food, your body will have the energy to do your daily tasks. At 40, eating 5 to 6 small but nutritious, protein-rich meals a day sustains you and helps burn body fat properly.