Moving House: Why Investing in the Community is also Important

Dream HouseWhether you’re a young professional moving out or returning to the Philippines to finally start your family, the choice of where to settle down is a difficult one to make. It’s difficult to find that dream house and even more difficult to pinpoint the ideal location to settle.

As a house seeker, your primary concern is the price of the house and the inclusions. Beyond investing in the property, it’s also important you invest in the location—and the community.

Investing in the Community

You might wonder, “Why should I bother investing in a community when all I need is a house?” This isn’t a case of no man being an island; it’s how sustainable and enjoyable your stay in your new home would be.

It’s not just the neighbors, too. When you invest in a community, you’re counting on whether it could provide you additional things. As the country enters a new age of housing, you notice the inclusion of retail and commercial districts close to or within the community.

A good example is Lancaster New City Cavite, one of the largest residential and housing developments in Cavite. It’s a master-planned community that, aside from housing, also has its own commercial and business district, along its own community schools. This is what it means to invest in the community.

The Community Checklist

We’re not saying your house should be in the perfect location, but it should have the following ‘community features’:

  • A commercial district. Think of convenience stores or small groceries.
  • Parks for when you need to just move around or take the kids outside of the house.
  • Schools. This is important if you’re starting a family. Being close to the school doesn’t just make it easier for your kids, it also means lesser traffic congestion when the school season begins.
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Additionally, the community should have transportation options. Even if you have a car, you should have a Plan B. Remember that the traffic in the metro and city areas is something else, so having transportation options is important if you want to truly enjoy your new home. What’s the use of a nice home when you can’t enjoy it because of how tired you get from the commute?

When you’re looking for a new home, it’s also important to invest in the community. Choosing the right community isn’t just smart; it’s securing a truly enjoyable lifestyle.