Most Popular Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen CountertopsPicking the right countertop for your kitchen should not be hard. There are a lot of materials to choose from, so keep in mind that whatever you choose, it will affect the stability of the countertop and, of course, the appeal of the kitchen as a whole.

Here’s a list of a few options, and the advantages that make them popular in households.


One of the most popular materials for countertops, granite lasts long, as it’s resistant to both heat and scratch. Installation can be a little intricate and require caution, but it can give your kitchen a good, elegant look without sacrificing quality. Granite countertops are also easier to clean.


Another material that gives kitchen counters a timeless look is marble. This kind of material is more popular for its shine and patina as time goes by, not for its stability. It’s softer than granite, so it may scratch and crack easily, but this is perfect for bakers because it’s a good surface for kneading dough.


Countertops made of quartz have a similar look to marble and granite, but you can count on durability with this one. Quartz countertops are more scratch-resistant. You may also have a customized set by choosing among the different shapes, sizes, and colors available.

Butcher Block

Some cannot simply see how wood and countertops go together; however, wood can be timeless like granite. The best choice of wood should be the butcher block, so you won’t have to worry about the uneven chopping board you have. You can chop directly on the counter.


You may choose a concrete counter if you want your own touch in it, at a lower price. With concrete, you can get different-colored countertops to match whatever style your kitchen has. A few routines of maintenance, like waxing it every three or four months, will make it last longer.

Whichever kind of countertop you use for you kitchen, always remember the maintenance it needs. Ensure that installation is done properly to make the most of your money.