Modular Homes on the Rise? Find Out Why

Modular HomesBuilding a house from the ground up in a matter of weeks may sound insane. Believe it or not, though, it can happen. The way houses are built today are being revolutionised through prefabrication. In Australia, this trend is still catching up. According to Architecture and Design, prefabrication construction accounted for $4.6 billion out of the $150 billion revenues generated from the construction industry in 2014.

This low statistic does not seem discouraging, as prefabrication may see a growth of 2.3% in the next eight years. The reasons behind it are mainly because of the reduced cost, time to construct and the quality of how it’s built. These are possible with prefabrication when components are assembled ahead of time. Once the large pieces are made, they are put together on-site like pre-made Lego pieces to build a modular home.

The rise of modular homes

Modular homes are not ‘second class products’ anymore. It used to have a reputation for building fast and low-cost housing projects, but prefabrication is now considered for many personal home projects. As builders assemble the set pieces at a factory, they can work with more precision and can even use computer-aided designs in building a house. Manor Homes and other builders of modular homes noted that this is one thing traditional homes don’t have. As a result, more intricate designs can be made and the time to construct is lessened significantly.

Modular or Mobile?

Modular homes are not the same as mobile homes. There is a stark difference between mobile and modular homes and it is in the way they’re built. Modular homes are not complete upon delivery on-site. Like traditional homes, they are fixed homes with a foundation. Mobile homes, on the other hand, are not fixed on one site and can be moved from area to area.

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With modular homes gaining a positive reputation amongst builders and homeowners, it is likely that more people will start to consider this process of construction. It’s not impossible to see that prefabrication will be more popular in the future.