Mixing Business with Pleasure: Can a Business Trip Also Be a Vacation?

Bleisure in Singapore“Business or pleasure?” This is the first question asked at immigration checkpoints in airports all over the world. But the real question is why can’t a trip be both?

Many industries are now travel-heavy, which means professionals need to travel on a regular basis on business. Hospitality and travel agencies have taken note, offering travel packages that combine business trips with leisurely accommodations and activities.

In particular, Singapore provides serviced apartments that target business expats. These luxurious accommodations can easily access shopping and business districts. This proves that there are ways a business trip can also be a vacation — and service industries make it easier every day.

The Rise of the ‘Bleisure’ Trend

‘Bleisure’ is a newly coined term from a survey that reports the rise of travel trips that are both for business and pleasure.

The term goes back to 2014 when Bridgeweek Global Hospitality, a research firm, first used it in its Bleisure Report to say that 60% of their respondents took bleisure trips that year. Among the participants of the survey, nearly half said they brought their partner or at least one other family member with them.

Is Bleisure Economically Sustainable?

Millennials reportedly lead the bleisure trend with 94% of respondents saying they were likely to take a bleisure trip within the next 5 years. Internationally, survey results predict that business trips will rise by 7%, ensuring that the bleisure trend is here to stay.

Business travellers are less likely to go on longer vacations, thanks to the aftermath of global unemployment rates and economic crises affecting many industries. However, those in the hospitality sector continue to look for ways to boost sales, and bleisure is one of the creations they have latched on to and advanced.

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So yes, a business trip can still be a vacation — the hospitality industry continues to make sure of it.