Making Your Home Comfy with the Right Carpets

pile of rolled carpetsCarpets may have originated from the Middle East, but their appeal has remained timeless and cross-cultural. Carpets, rugs, mats, and other types of floor coverings are still a popular design element in many homes around the world. In Orange County, a tile flooring company even incorporates it as part of their services. Today’s carpet designers use carpet styles that are distinct but equally attractive and functional. Here’s a guide on which one suits your home.


If you want to decorate your room with a traditional and elegant carpet, the Saxony style is often the go-to choice. A Saxony carpet is a conventional cut-pile rug, made of yarn that has the touch and appearance of velvet. It often shows footprints and vacuums marks, so some people often do not choose this floor cover because of the markings left by furniture, feet, and any traffic.


A frieze carpet is reminiscent of the shag carpet that was a favorite during the 1970s. Today’s frieze style is more durable and less bulky. The fibers are longer and thinner than a shag carpet, but they also have a higher twist. Their durability and features make them ideal for places with high foot traffic, but could also make them difficult to clean.


Cable is similar to Saxony but is made of thicker and longer yarn. It is best for rooms without a lot of activity. A cable carpet’s fibers can be flattened easily, so it is best not to place them on stairs or in hallways.


Also known as the looped style, a Berber carpet is made of fibers like olefin, nylon, or a combination. Unlike cable, the Berber can hide foot patterns well and is also considered because of the combination of materials.

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Carpets, Carpets and More Carpets

There are many other types of carpets that you would find suitable for your home, but make sure that your choice suits your needs, lifestyle, and home decor. The long history of the carpet made it a clear statement of status and style, but now it’s also a symbol of the comfort and serenity a home could provide.