Living Big in Your Tiny Space

spacious homeIt can be very difficult to find spacious places to live when you are on a tight budget. If you already live in a tiny space, however, or can only afford to rent a small place, there are ways to make it feel bigger than it actually is.

Slide, Baby, Slide

Instead of a regular door that requires space to swing open, install a wall mount sliding door you can get from firms such as Triline Quality Door Systems for rooms with little space to spare. You can also use a smaller wall mount sliding door to close storage cabinets or hide your TV when it’s not in use.

Use the Walls

If you have very little storage space but have plenty of open wall space, you can install towel racks, add a few hooks, and hang up small or lightweight objects. This keeps them from cluttering up the floor in your living room or the counters in the kitchen, even the bathroom.

Go Even Higher

Take advantage of the vertical space, especially if you are living in a studio or single-bedroom unit. Elevating your bed, for example, can give you extra closet space or a small workspace.

Alternatively, you can keep your bed at regular height and use the space overhead for storing things you don’t need to access often or prefer to stay out of sight.

Get Crafty

It can take plenty of skill and a lot of imagination, but a recent trend when it comes to dealing with small spaces is to create multi-use furnishing. In its simplest form, you can create ottomans that have hidden storage underneath the cushion.

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A more complex build would be the creation of a portable counter, for instance, that has a fold out table and hidden storage for more chairs.

If you are renting the space you’re living in, make sure you have permission from your property owner to make the changes necessary to create the extra space you need. By knowing your own lifestyle and habits, you can easily imagine multiple ways to make your small space bigger than it seems.