Know the Costs and Efficiency of Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solar pool heating systemIn Perth, a number of households have swimming pools, considering the increasing presence of sharks in local beaches. With relatively cool and wet winters, however, it isn’t ideal to own an outdoor swimming pool without a few crucial considerations.

With the Western Australian capital having a warm to hot, sunny weather for three seasons of the year, one of the most cost-effective options is installing a solar pool heating system. As with any new installation, however, determining its potential overall costs and efficiency is a must.

Determining Costs and Efficiency

One can base the potential overall costs of a system on the dimensions of the swimming pool, along with the sophistication of the collector model needed for the area. Costs also include the installation services, which is common in Western Australia (WA).

All solar pool heating systems in the state are required to be installed by licensed electrical contractors, and the installation needs to be certified for safety.

In general, a system includes the following parts:

  • Solar Collector

These refer to the panels and tubes where the pool water flows to undergo heating by the heat of the sun.

  • Booster Pump

This aids in distributing the water that comes from the pool, through filters or circulation pumps, going through the collector and then back in the pool.

You can base the potential overall efficiency of a system on the solar collector area, which should be at least 80% equal to the area of a swimming pool.

  • Controller

This can manually – or automatically – direct the way the water flows through the system. This can be a monitor (wireless) that can register the temperature of the roof, which is the usual collector’s location, or the other collector’s location.

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Considering the potential overall costs and efficiency of installing a solar pool heating system is an essential step in having a cost-effective oasis-turned-investment in WA.