Kitchen Remodeling Projects that Pay for Themselves

Remodelled KitchenResale value should be one of the top considerations of any smart homeowner about to embark on a renovation project. The upgrade will not come cheap, but if you make great choices, you can recover at least 73% of what you spend.

Here is how you can invest in your kitchen makeover without squirming about the cost.

Mind your switches and sockets

Both for safety and convenience, have your wirings, outlets and switches checked to see if they comply with electrical standards, or if they make life easier for you as a homeowner.

Engineered stones are great additions

Granite and marble are good materials, but did you know Quartz was voted the number 1 top-rated countertop surface in a 2014 consumer report? It is the fourth hardest stone on Earth and is non-porous so you and your family’s food safety will not suffer compromise by bacterial growth.

Best of all, if you invest in quartz countertops in Salt Lake City that you can get from reliable providers such as Accent Interiors, you will not have to worry too much about wine or coffee stains.

Easily wipe off spills with a soft damp cloth. Quartz is a low-maintenance material that stays in shape for a long time without sealing.

Try a cabinet makeover kit

Available in the market are all-in-one one kits that contain everything you need to repaint your cabinet, update its look without having to reinstall new ones; an inexpensive alternative that yields great visual impact.

Do not be too eccentric when it comes to aesthetics

If reselling your home is within the horizon, go for neutral colors and minimalist looks. Creating a unique kitchen that matches your personality is a wonderful idea, but you might end up with polarized reactions when it is time to sell. Cast a wider net; go for functional, simple layouts and designs.

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These tips are particularly helpful for older houses with dated looks and feels. They will need an upgrade on appliances, wirings, and materials used. Try out these tips and invest wisely! Good luck!