Keeping Your Plumbing in Top Condition

Plumbing Maintenance in Salt Lake CityMost people take indoor plumbing for granted. It is out of sight, out of mind. That is, until it starts having leaks, backs up, or clogs up. Plumbing companies are there to give you an affordable, friendly hand in case of major problems, but you can avoid a costly disaster if you follow these simple tips:

Have a plan

As plumbing contractors in Salt Lake City advise, it is important to know where the plumbing and sewage lines are in the home. This will help you avoid drilling a hole or driving a nail in a pipe. You can ask one from your contractor, or ask your plumbing service to make one for you. You can use a stud sensor to find water pipes, as well as electrical wiring.

Be up to code

You have to know the plumbing code for your state if you plan to put a new drainage system, a new bathroom, or kitchen. You can find these codes for pipe sizes, fixtures, and other stuff from your local city engineer. It would be much easier and safer to have a professional do any major plumbing jobs, though.

Make sure everything fits

Plumbing usually involves many pieces, joints, and turns, so it is important that you have the right tools to make a tight fit. You need tubing cutters, saw blades, and hacksaws to cut your pipes neatly and correctly. You need tools to cut the pipes, as well as remove any burrs and uneven edges. If you have plastic pipes, use a plastic pipe cutter instead of a hacksaw. You should also use plastic primer to soften the material before fitting the pieces together with adhesive. If you have copper pipes, you need a plumber’s cloth to make the edges smooth.

A working plumbing system is a crucial part of the modern home. You should make sure that you keep it in the best possible shape as possible. When in doubt, call the local plumbing service in your area.