Keeping Your Fridge Cool is a Matter of Regular Maintenance

Refrigirator MaintenanceRefrigerators play such a vital part in our everyday lives. Gone are the days when food has to be canned, pickled, or smoked just to be preserved. Because of the invention of the refrigerator, families all over can save their perishable items for as long a time as possible. But as invaluable as they are, refrigerators are not immune to damage.

Fridge repair experts from All Pro Appliance Service, Inc.advise that you follow these basic maintenance guidelines to make sure your kitchen helper can keep food fresh for longer.

Clean Your Cooler

The best way to avoid costly fridge repairs is to keep your appliance clean. Regularly clean the inside of your refrigerator by throwing out spoiled food and wiping any mess before it spreads and stains permanently.Don’t neglect the outside of your refrigerator too. Make it a monthly habit to clean your fridge door’s rubber gasket and check for any wear and tear. The gasket is a vital part of any fridge because it ensures that cold air stays in.

The condenser coils—located at the back of the fridge—are also important and need cleaning. They ensure that cold air flows into your fridge and warm air flows out. To clean, use a long-handled bristle brush or your vacuum cleaner to get rid of any dust or particles. This will allow them to work properly and keep your fridge cool more efficiently.

Fridge Diet

Overstuffing is one of the main causes of fridge damage. Your refrigerator comes with specifications and going beyond those measurements can overwork your fridge. This can cause the fridge to wear out a lot faster. Overstuffing can also prevent cold air from circulating properly because of the amount of food blocking the air current. This can cause your food to last a lot less than you intended. nt-size:10.0pt; font-family:”>Refrigerators might seem indestructible, but they’re actually very prone to damage. But with proper care and maintenance, your refrigerator can last a lifetime.

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