Keep Your Tree Healthy by Immediately Treating Tree Wounds

Tree Surgeons in PerthLike any other living thing, your trees may also be susceptible to wounds. And like humans, the wound can have a huge impact on the health of the tree if not given the proper attention. If you find a wound in your tree that can be serious enough, you should waste no time getting help from tree surgeons in Perth.

The Impact of a Wound on Your Tree

Your tree may be considered as wounded if a bark is broken that the inner portion becomes exposed to the outside. A wound may occur when a vehicle hits the tree, when ice forms, when an animal strips the bark, or when an object gets into contact at a great force.

And while trees have the ability to heal on their own, the wounds can be severe enough that will hamper the healing process. And when this occurs, the wound can attract insects and other disease-carrying pests. This can threaten the health of the tree and when the infestation gets worse, it may even cause the death of the tree.

Types of Tree Wounds

A tree can experience wounds in the branches, trunks, and the roots. Branch wounds are critical since branches are open to the elements and can be a favourite entry for pests and harmful insects. Its exposure to animals and vehicular accidents make trunk wounds very common.

Root wounds are another type of tree wounds that are critical and which you may not notice immediately since they are below the ground. Any wound here should be treated immediately so as not to threaten the foundation of the entire tree. Wounds here are usually the result of injuries during construction of roads and other structures.

Getting Back the Health of Your Tree

Don’t take wounds in your tree very lightly notwithstanding their healing abilities. Even if they do heal on their own, lack of attention may delay the healing process which can have a huge effect on their health.