Keep Your Drains Clear with These Three Tips

Ways to Avoid Clogs in Drainage in Pleasant GroveIt is more than just frustrating to have clogged pipes or slow drains. Apart from being unsanitary and unhealthy, it can also result in costly repairs when ignored for a long time. The truth is, however, you and your habits are probably the culprits for a clogged pipe. The things you pour down the drain and items you flush down the toilet all contribute to the problem.

The key to keeping it clear all comes downs to treating your drain right. Drain cleaning experts in Utah share a few ways to avoid clogs.

Proper Oil/Grease Disposal

After frying your favorite food, it is always tempting to pour down the remaining oil and grease down the sink. Doing so, however, can cause the sewer pipes to clog when the grease hardens. The right thing to do is putting the oil in a sealable container and throwing it once the grease has hardened. You can also take it to an oil/grease drop-off location for recycling.

Cold Water in the Garbage Disposal

When eliminating food waste, it is best to run cold water to prevent attachment of food particles inside the pipes. Cold water solidifies the fat and grease, as it passes down through the pipes. Butter in cold solid form, for instance, passes easier through the disposal. This is better than a melted one that is warm, sticky, and slippery. Avoid using hot water during the disposal, as it causes stoppage downstream.

Treat Your Toilet Right

Your toilet is just for pee, poop, and toilet paper. While some hygiene products like wet wipes and diapers claim to be flushable, they don’t disintegrate in the sewer. Flushing the wrong things can also cause sewer backups, as well as sewer releases to the environment. Reserve the toilet for these three things, and avoid flushing down even the smallest items like cigarette butts, cotton, and dental floss.

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Treat your drains right with these tips. It is also a good idea to invest in strainers for your kitchen and bathroom drains. This is to keep unwanted food particles and hair out of the drain.