It’s All in the Right Shades: Your Home and Color Psychology

Front DoorWhen it comes to home design, approach varies according to the homeowners’ taste. You want your home to be perfect, so you choose attractive décor or use patterned themes to govern decisions. But one of the most important elements that require your attention is color.

Color is a powerful and multi-purpose tool. It creates space illusions, inspires emotions, and sets the mood and atmosphere for any room. When combined with interior and exterior painting, color psychology is one of your keys to a healthy and beautiful home.

Larger than Life

If you want an illusion of bigger space, colors are your best friends. From buying the right paint to choosing brightly-colored front doors, a vibrant shade makes your house look larger than it is — especially when it’s about to go on the market.

Bright and vibrant shades, such as eggshells and yellows, add more space to the exterior. The common white color is beneficial, but too much is too blinding. It adds space, but not as effectively as tinted colors. With brighter colors, no need to add an extra square foot for a spacious feel.

Building Appetites with Red

Scientific researches reveal that RED is the secret to bigger appetites — one of the primary reasons restaurants choose this shade for their dining rooms. You too can do the same with your own dining room and kitchen.

Using red in these areas increases everyone’s appetite; it makes served dishes look more delicious. Paint the kitchen with beige walls and complement these with red cabinet doors or shutters. Simple white tables also work better if you decorate these with a red table cloth.

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Blast from the Past

According to color consultants, using colors from your childhood brings back fond memories, which creates a pleasant mood in the house. For example, if your mom’s kitchen was a pleasant sunshine yellow, mimicking the colors for your kitchen encourages a happier mood.

Give your home some extra loving with the right shades. Colors can make or break how the world sees your house; do it right with color psychology.