Is Your Lawn Pest-Free? Here are 3 Best Traps for your Lawn

Pest-Free Lawn in UtahKeeping your lawn well maintained is not just about mowing, watering, and weeding.

Most of the time, it is the pests that cause damage to the lawn. According to Greenside Landscaping, pests like mole and vole create tunnels underneath the soil, resulting in lumps in the soil or uneven surfaces in the lawn. These lumps and uneven surfaces do not just mess up the lawn, but they may also cause hazards to the yard. For instance, there were reports about people who suffered from injuries when their lawns caved in due to those uneven surfaces and tunnels. Thus, it is crucial to eradicate the pests in your yard.

Traps are the most effective tool to control these pests. Here are some of the best traps for your lawn:

1. Black Hole Trap

This popular lethal trap is easy to use, as you only have to place it in the ground. Once triggered, the trap quickly neutralizes its target. The black hole trap is popular for capturing larger types of vermin.

2. Chemical-Free Slug Trap

Slugs chew on any plants that they can find in your lawn, leaving it in a bad shape. The slug trap is just a plastic box that you have to fill with beer. Experts say that beer can attract and drown the garden slugs. Thus, it is one of the most effective traps available on the market. You can also use a can or any container full of beer to trap the slugs, but the beer in these containers evaporates faster.

3. Deadset Mole Trap

This trap is composed of spring-loaded spears that immediately shoot into the ground once triggered. You just have to place and set it up on the uneven surface or on top of the mole or vole tunnel. Then, all you need to do is to wait for this trap to capture a mole or vole.

These traps are effective, but you have to determine the type of pests present in your lawn so that you’ll know which one is ideal to use. With the help of these traps, you can keep your lawn pest-free, well-maintained, and beautiful.